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These tokens cannot be sold because their value is less than 0.00000001 Hive. Donate them to Hivegadgets and get a comment with LUV, BEER, PGM or PIZZA call. Randomness will decide. Depending on the amount of donations, it may take a while until you get the comment. Prerequisite is that you have published at least one post or comment on Hive!

All unsaleable tokens should be sent at once for one call, because one call is usually worth more than all unsaleable tokens added together. However, it is possible to deselect some if there is a pricing error or you still want to keep individual tokens. If this function is abused, a blocking for hivegadgets can be the consequence. If a call has not been executed yet, but a new donation is sent by the same user, it will count as the last one. So there is only one call.

The calls are currently made manually and will soon be automated.
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Token can be staked | unstaked if stake is not 0
Tokenbalancestakehighest bidlowest askValue